Friday, March 5, 2010

Brother Blood On Sale Now

Now that you've read Drought Resistant Strain by Mather Schneider (and doubtlessly loved every line of it) you may be in the mood for some slightly different fare.  Well, look no further than Brother Blood.

Brother Blood is a good, old-fashioned blaxploitation vampire novel, set in gritty 1969 Los Angeles, written by Donald F. Glut.  Bill Cunningham at Pulp 2.0 says it much better than I do, so jump on over to his blog and pick yourself up a copy.

And I should mention that the gorgeous cover art is done by no other than faithful People Reviews reader, Nik Macaluso.  Nice work, Nik.  It's reason enough to pick up the book, if you ask me.


  1. Thanks for the good review. We think Nik's work is hot too and complements what's going on between the covers. Who doesn't like groovy swingers, vampire brides, 60's music, the undead, an old dark houses, open graves, and a bloodsucking army of the undead...?

  2. Couldn't agree more, Bill. Nik is quite a talent and the two of you put together a pretty mean package. Pick it up, people--or risk being reviewed by The Restaurant!