Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now Hiring Slobs

Recent events at the restaurant had left us short handed.  Two positions, one of server and one of dishwasher, needed to be filled as soon as possible. The owner, hoping to expand the pool of applicants, took out an ad on a popular community classifieds website.  Well, expand the pool of applicants she did--but, as we all know, quantity does not equal quality.

It's surprising to me how unprepared people are when they arrive.  No one seems to have enough foresight to even bring their own pen.  One employee, sick of lending them out, started telling applicants that we had no pens and sent them over to the comments box to which one was attached by a short length of chain.  There they would stand for fifteen minutes, bent over in the small space, using the small surface of the comments box to fill out the application upon.  I think that I would be tempted to hire on the spot the first person who had the good sense to arrive with their own writing implement.

Worse yet was the manner of dress.  If you're trying to put your best foot forward, you might want to look down to make sure there still isn't a bunny slipper on it.  Applicants by and large did not seem to be troubled by thoughts of proper dress or personal hygiene.  I think that if things continue on in this vein that the next time we are taking applications we will see a number of applicants wearing bib overalls with no shirt or perhaps only a barrel with a pair of suspenders.

Next, please.

Are you serious?  Oh, wait.  Our misunderstanding.  I notice on your application that you were applying for position of dishwasher.  In that case, welcome aboard.

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