Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drought Resistant Strain by Mather Schneider

I thought that I'd make a non-restaurant-related post to let you in on some exciting news.  Regular People Reviews reader Mather Schneider has just had his first full-length poetry collection, Drought Resistant Strain, published by Interior Noise Press.  Mather himself made the cover drawing and I must say it looks downright gorgeous.

In case you missed the links up above, you can order this handsome, perfect bound, 128-page edition by clicking this word right here.  This is not your Ladies Literary Club fare, nor is it filth devoid of feeling--it's just right.  It's got humor and heart, a couple of things missing from a lot of poetry today.  It's got javelinas boxing each other right on the cover for crying out loud, and you know how The Restaurant loves a good battle.  But, like most things in life, it's the stuff on the inside that counts and I can tell you it will not disappoint.  Do yourself a favor and pick this up.  It also makes a great gift.

And just in case you missed the implication--People Reviews is so good it's read by poets.


  1. You needn't be so former, Mather. Just "Restaurant" will do.

    And congratulations to you.

  2. Congratulations Mather.

    And ...Restaurant, if I may be so informal, you are such a good and wonderful restaurant. It was very nice of you to tell about Mather's book.

  3. Yes, Charlotte, you may be so informal . . .

    Yikes, at least I didn't write "former" this time. What was I typing?

  4. transformal....when i have the money i am so getting this. Congrats Mather! Next time i'm in town i'ma gonna getcha a round at the nugget!